Space Science students who have taken speed reading, short hand, abacus lessons, understand chess, and know their scientific principles will not be overwhelmed with the slide referred to as a "disaster" at 1:39 seconds. If when you go to college you begin to feel overwhelmed with the amount of data you are shown, DON'T QUIT, WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!  Just look at the list of classes just mentioned.. did you take them all yet? if not.. just go take them, IN EVENING, OR SUMMER CLASSES IF YOU HAVE TO FIT THEM IN.  You will  see a very big difference quite quickly.  They can become quite fun....! Keep your space science  skills up to speed with the rest of the world. Online visual screens can drop reading speed from 250-300 words a minute down to 140 words a min. That might be a part of the problem. There's a way around it. Learn how. Don't let technology slow you down, and don't expect everyone to slow down for you. People from other countries will not slow down for you when their plans competitive... Listen to Alan Shepard. Take his advice. Prepare years ahead for future space plans. 

          Thank you to all students interested in space studies and  thank you Alan Shepard for caring enough to leave us recorded advice to access for generations! Check out this very insightful video below.


​​​​​​​​​Dear Pinkerton Academy Students,

Your  energetic interests and efforts to learn space science are motivating and inspiring! We are looking forward to visiting you again during science week (Reviewing the data below is not required for the class. Students are not required to be from science to attend the class or to do the activities on this page.)  This space info. is here for everyone's interest and to have some science fun.) Science Week is coming up in less than a month. Last year's lesson was very fast paced. This year will be less rapid and more individualized. Half of class time will be about specific topics  that the project will introduce to you (approx. 20 min. ) The remainder of class will be dedicated to pages on  website that students are interested in learning about. If you wish, review our website pages, including the title drop down topics. Pick a favorite, and write the page title down before arrival to class on a small piece of paper. (paper will be avail. in class as well.) Place it in the space helmet at the front of the class upon arrival. We will draw student page choices / topic requests,  from the hat to review for the last 20 min. of class. The remainder of suggestions will be compiled into topic lists of the student's most recent space exploration interests and submitted to Pinkerton Academy Educators for future reference.​​​




NASA 2014 Balance Challenge - what are your ideas in 2019? 

"We came to a rest period(while on the moon) and I looked up at the earth for the first time... really seeing it, and the black sky, and the blue planet, all by itself up there, and that was an emotional moment for me." "Seeing the earth, even though it is four times as large as the moon, still it looks fragile, still it looks small." We need to start thinking about how to take care of it."                      Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr.


Speed Reading: Recommendation: Do not take it online. Enroll in classroom lessons over a semester in a school .

Here is alink to Manchester Community College For Summer Courses.

​​​​"Hundreds of people make

      my flights possible."

Astronaut  Alan B.Shepard Jr.

To See The Inside of ISS Watch Entire: 6:52 Video: 

Is there really only one way to do things?  Different methods are not always wrong, they are different for valid reasons.

Astronaut Scott Parazynski (MacGyver)and John Glenn on ISS.





Take Astronaut Alan B. Shepard's Advice - (the number 2)

Follow this plan and you will rarely  be overwhelmed with large amounts of data during presentations or meetings that require rapid effective health and safety decisions.

If you want to pursue Space Science Careers, take Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr.'s advice and plan ahead. Make things easier for yourself.. much easier.. This learning schedule will help.  Take two semesters of speed reading, two semesters of short hand, two semesters of public speaking, know your abacus, and ethical scientific principles( including precautionary principle). If you can't fit them in during school years, take them in the summer.Learn to project your voice by being in theatre productions!         Refresh these lessons every few years once  you have your science degrees. (Learn more at the bottom of this page)

Abacus Lessons: Click this link

​Watch this video : Abacus Video Link

Alan Shepard Project Abacus Lessons Link

(Scroll  1/2 way down the page.)

​Shorthand take online lessons here are images: Alphabet and words

          Welcome to the Project's Partial Lesson Plan for Pinkerton Academy Science Week Students 2019!

    We will talk only about  a few topics here. The rest is for you to explore. All website visitors are invited to review!

​​​​​                                                     Key Shepard quotes from above interview:

                                                              "You have to be there for the right reason"

"You have to be there, not for fame, and glory, and recognition, or the having your name on a page in a history book."

"You have to be there because you believe that your talent and ability can be applied effectively to operation of the space craft."

"You've got to believe that your good in your field and you can contribute, not because your gonna get a lot of fame."
On how to build confidence - issues of safety risks: Practice, Practice, Practice:

"You have to be a dedicated, objective, individual....

"It is going to be dangerous and I'm going to spend my time worrying about what I do, and practicing what I do if things go wrong. In doing that you take that initial attitude of believing you can do it and you build alot of confidence particularly in the simulators."

On technological glitches: 

"We wanted to make sure that if there were any failures in the machines, that man was going to be there to correct it"

​​​​Memorize this Cufflink Patch Poem:   Can be used with cufflinks for rips in canvas cloth in some conditions:

Twist, it , Twist it,, add a rib or two. Tape it , cover it, tape, it, under, over, and the other side too.Make certain tinfoil,tape, or plastic  will not melt in heat,or crumble in cold. Prop it with an unsharp stick to prevent pooling flows. Monitor for changes as you usually do, and the rip is now  temporarily fixed for you.

"In every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." Iroquois Maxim

Watch this 4 min. video, we will be discussing this solution in class.NASA's Solar Panel Rescue 2007

​​​​​How is Alan Shepard Related to                         Amelia Earhart?

​​Easy to remember : 

They are 6th cousins... Shepard

is related to the left Foote 

Amelia is related to the right.

See link :   Family Tree

                        RE: Local Space Art Kids,

               arriving at Pinkerton in a few years:


                           Leadership Lesson:

Preparing the learning environment for the next generation. 

                            Make it extremely positive !

Do all that you can to make the environment "bully free" so that the next generation's innovation, creativity and curiosity can become enhanced in space science to benefit humanity.

 Browse Video One:  What does it take to be an Astronaut? Alan Shepard in his own words. (50:26sec.)

Watch this one too: Learn to Memorize to Problem Solve Using Your Fingers.

Text in all capitals may be shouting in computer world, however, it is a standard method of type format in the TV Broadcasting profession. A speaker who uses all capitals in their presentations may be doing so because of how they were trained.

                                             Modify speeches, and documents to be consistent with 2019 standards.

Replace the use of the word "man" with "people" "humans" "scientists" "astronauts" etc.  Use Gender free terms.

Thank you Alan Shepard

"From Caring Comes Courage." Lao Tzu

       Philosophies on Presentations Vary. Look at 1:42 sec.

Before removing data to simplify at this level consider this: 

Very helpful advice in this talk if you have an audience of beginners but if you have listeners who may be more advanced and beginners too,  then added visuals that you will not be speaking about are needed to keep their interest while you talk about topics for beginners that the advanced listeners already know. 

How to fold a world record plane:


Look at 1:39 Seconds... Space Science  needs skilled multi- taskers who can read a slide take notes, and listen to a speaker at the same time. Sooo presentations  for space science may expect for listeners to do all at the same time. Practice Practice Practice and Learn how.

6 : 52 sec.

​​"Nobody cares how much you know until they know  how much you care."

                                                                  ? Unknown author, possibly Theodore Roosevelt"

​​                                                            Pinkerton Students and Faculty:

Thank you for your interest in space exploration, we look forward to seeing you during science week!

                                              Here's a 3 min.  review of Hubble's 28 yrs. of discoveries.




VIdeo Quote: "If we want to think big...

we also have to think small."


World Championship

                Aviation: Extra Activity For Fun!: 

Aircraft Balance Experiment: Paper Airplane Challenge. How Can  Paper Airplane Skills Help NASA?

Understanding the importance of weight and balance, storage placement, and folding will help students who are interested in pursuing space careers. Explore these You Tube videos and experiment with various paper plane designs... take a paper clip and move it to different sections of each paper plane to see what changes in flight occur. Add a penny under the paper clip and repeat all areas of the planes.. then remove the penny and replace it with a dime.. try other things... Some paper airplane designs fly steadier and longer when multiple layered folds distribute weight. Try out various paper airplane designs to see which work best.

Here are some  instructional You Tube videos and a few articles for your interest. We will not be making paper planes in class. This is an at home lesson, to learn  on the side.. ​You may send videos of your design discoveries to : ( and we will put them on this website. If we get enough we will make a music video showcasing  the Pinkerton Student paper airplane flights.

4:43sec. video

Public Speaking Video Advice

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*Scroll down for space exploration links and videos about NASA Astronaut Alan Shepard and more:

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 Search your environment for "Cufflinks"  a cord that can bend and coil with two attached ends like this:

Other important cufflink repair uses:  Covering and securing flap rip edges using cufflinks:

Enjoy the skies for miles and miles, we are one family on this earth!

                      Kind Regards, Alan Shepard Project.

How to use the paper clip on the plane.

   What The Inside Of ISS Looks Like He's the highest human in the universe!

Where in your home, at school, at work, or on/in an everyday product can you find these and how are they used?
                                         Take a photo, or bring one that you found with you to class.

  ​2007 Astronauts Correct a Glitch 



START AT 3:49 sec.

                 If you think this big:

"You're gonna need a bigger paper clip!"

Important! Take Shorthand as an elective in high school or college.

​​​​​If you can, know your abacus, take two electives of speech classes, shorthand, and learn chess, in high school, two electives of public speaking classes in college. Be in a few plays to practice projecting your voice to an audience. Prepare now. One day, the time may come where you find the need to speak truth to power to benefit humanity. Take private lessons when your out of school when needed to keep your skills strong.