We can make Christa's dreams come true in our generation together.

Pinkerton Academy Students: Be the pride of Alan Shepard's Hometown Region. Do not insult anyone.

Be Respectful When Making Points. Back up Conclusions with Factual Data.  Follow "Better Safe Than Sorry" To  Protect Humanity.. .

In the Planetary Protection Debate Video above: Watch for this important question at:  1.14.40 seconds =

How many of you would allow a Nurse who has been treating Ebola Patients direct entry into USA no questions asked.?


Quiz Questions :

1. Has your perception of people who function like the  mean old lion in this video

  changed after taking these lessons?

​          2.  If you encounter someone who speaks like the lion in the video, at school or

in the workplace what do you do?

Watch The Whiz Lion Video then read the answer under it.

To All Students:  We are proud of you and wish you the very best in your future adventures!

Positive Reasons to Protect Society

                                                                      Answer:  Use Your Intellectual Courage. 

                 Fact Check Every Word They Say and All Points They Make.Do Your Research. Make A Team .

Bring Security With You, If Needed, And Prevent Decisions From Being Made That Can Cause Harm To Humanity.

                  Then enjoy this beautiful earth.  Swim in the sea, hike, visit with loved ones. Stay balanced.

Plan Ahead- Be Prepared! Print Out And Memorize These Scientist Codes You Will Need Them To Benefit Humanity!

Here's one way to analyze scientific debates: Look up people places and things mentioned in the talk 

 NASA Office of Planetary Protection        SETI INSTITUTE                            Planetary Protection Read This                     Look up more for both

  The Mars Society        Center For Security Policy (Hate Group?)   Martin Marietta Aeronautics               Lockheed Martin   Pioneer Astronautics


OPINION : "A view or judgement formed about something, that is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge Click this link

​Scientific Conclusion: Based on the use of the scientific method, with research, experimentation, analysis of results and conclusion.Click this link:

Scientifiic Method:Click this for the formula:                Jackalope:                             Orthogonal

Examples of Infections spread provided by Spry:Review video from 45.09 sec.

1. Massachusetts  Indians  - Massive deaths - Settlers spread disease:Link One:       Link Two:               Link Three:

2. Ebola    3. Black Plague     4.Dutch Elm Disease    5. Bird Flu  6. Ship Fined -dumps bilge water into great lakes

7."Not possible for life to be on the sun"

Watch at: 1:24:15   and at: 1:26:41

RE: Choice: Save  people from planetary infections vs  saving them from

tropical  diseases or cancer research or vaccinations or any other thing?

Students: If  you were Asked :Would you rather spend money on this life saving safety protection or that,? Think and Find : What reasons  would decision makers have for stopping planetary protection funding? Are those reasons safe and valid.?Does everyonne know all the pros and cons.It's perfectly fine to  expect funding for both. Find the courage to say so.

Science Needs For You To Know This:

When you see a person attacking the mental status of anyone, rise up, stand up and demand that they be removed from the room immediately. There is no excuse for such unethical language.

When decsions being made effect the safety of humanity, your response could save lives and the planet.

 "Reach for it. Push yourself as far as you can!" Astronaut Christa McAuliffe

Bring a notebook and a package of pens and write down  key words, phrases, and example situations that the speakers give to back up their points and then look them all up. (Even if you think you know the meanings, always look them up again. Info. changes from decade to decade.. New info. may have changed the definitions.                                                                                                                                     Review the  data below then watch the planetary protections debate video again.

Future generations of shining stars, sing for  higher ground:

Lab Technician : Only Survivor On His Team

Humanity Needs For you be be an ethcial and strong leader: As Moderator for Such a Serious Debate:

 Set the tone with the following rules or recommend that these rules be included: 

1. No Cognitive Attacks or Personal Insults Will Be Tolerated.

No mental status  insults allowed.

2. If Rule #1. is violated by a speaker then immediate removal from the    debate   and the building will occur by  security. Recommend that the (scientists/victims)  of the mental status attacks file charges with the police dept. Give them a copy of the tape documenting the cognitive attacks for police records.

3. There will be no second chances.

4.The cognitive attacker's colleagues will be allowed to choose one     replacement speaker. If this speaker also insults or attacks the mental status of  others, the debate will end. 

5. The remaining speakers will be allowed to speak for the remainder of the  time about their issue.

6. If the remaining speaker  uses cognitive attack or personel insult languge  they also will be immediately  removed and the debate will end.

7. Speakers who have been removed for cognitive attacks/insults

 will not  recieve payment for their time.

*Although you may see professional debates that are lax in these rules, follow  them  anyway. These are very traditional debating rules.  Members of Science  will  site the Semmelweiss Example sternly to validate the above expectations. Stay Good. Always.

Precautionary Principle:​ PDF LONG FORM        Short definition

An Educated Guess: Nursesare used in Dr. Spry's Ebola  example below in the pink box Planetary Protection Debate video.If Nurses were askedfor their opinion :Should we  take  away Planetary Precautions and Regulations in a manner that could cause epidemics?   A  guess as to what they would have to say is shown in the Aretha Video below With issues as serious as this, it's no time to be timid, Planetary security will, in all probability,  appreciate ethical, honest, and courageous advocacay, on the issue: ( No Pushing allowed and stay polite with your words always. Be good role models while you advocate safely.)

​​​​​​       Think About It - Would you want to take care of a patient with an epidemic that could have been prevented, knowing you might also contract the disease and die?

The Medical Community has every right to reference the  Black Plague and others as  reasons to validate spending 5 Billion on contamination prevention.

 It would cost alot more to respond to a large  planetary plague. 

                                                                                                         Always Remember: An opinion is not a conclusion

    If Unknown Factors are in an equation, there cannot be a full conclusion, only preliminary conclusions can be the result in the math at that time.​

                                                                              We have not fully explored Mars yet, there are many unknowns.

 One Math Equation Version Used to Predict and Prevent Harm:  Scientific Method + Precautionary Principle + (Add  different variables to see how preliminary conclusion changes ) - ( Remove specific factors to see how preliminary conclusion changes) + Unknown Factors - Unknown Factors = Preliminary Conclusion

              Example: Zubrin's opinion is that there is no life on Mars. Spry cautions that life may grow on Mars if humans bring moisture to the planet.

​​​                                         ​        Words Of Intellectual Courage:

Floyd Red Crow Westerman (Lakota) -Chief Oren Lyons (Onendonga, Seneca, Six Nations)                                                      From His Speech To The United Nations

Leadership Lesson For Seniors On Planetary Protections, Ethics and Intellectual Courage

This  box contains links to words and phrases mentioned in the planetary protections debate video that is next to Aretha above ...

              RE: Watch Planetary Protection Debate VIdeo Below: 1:26:19 seconds

 Consider this point of view as well: Be Safe, Be Smart, Analyze What Science Professionals Say, and Think To Protect Humanity No Pushing Allowed.If Needed, bring Security to keep peace to say what needs to be said. No Health Professional wants to risk death to treat an epidemic especially if it was caused by people who knew better and did it anyway. ​That is what we believe that  healthcare professionals would say, if they were asked. We can explore planets while following planetary protections very well. We did exactly that when we went to the Moon.


Print these Scientific Debate Guidelines out.

 Memorize them and keep the copy for future use.

Pinkerton Students: "Let's talk about you for a minute" You are learning in the land of America's first Astronaut, whose intellectual courage helped to pave a path for space exploration. In the video at the top of lesson one, that you have just completed, Alan  Shepard talks about planning for each and every possible failure, developing plans to reverse those failures to success, and in so doing, decreasing risks so that the impossible can be possible.

That is a segment  of the Precautionary Principle.                           See this important video below  to learn more .

   What Does Intellectual Courage Look Like? Why Is It Needed? Read  The Garcia Letter to Presdent Clinton    and to    Dr. J. Wayne Littles

   All must face the reality that Dr. Spry is correct -  the Practice of Prevention is the best way to protect humanity on this planetary contamination issue

Welcome  to LESSON #2 The Code: For Graduating Seniors: 

Advocating In Science Using Intellectual Courage

Continued from Lesson #1.

​​​Watch the planetary protections video above  at : 1:24:19 sec  Consider the above question the starts: "Think about it" Assess how much averting vs how much risk...which health professionals would say no? Who are they?

What experience does Dr. Zubrin have in Infection control methods of study? His answer: 8th grade science class. find at; 45:58 sec. in video

Always look up a speakers  bio. to see what education they have and who they have worked for: Wikipedia Bio     NASA BIO    VASIMER a Hoax

What experience does Spry have in infection control methods of study? ​Andy Spry Bio

              Do Your Homework and Stay Ethical Particularly when discussing Issues of Planet and Humanity's Safety andnever use cognitive attack words.

     Here is an interesting debate.  This debate below is also about a planetary infection control issue.

It is not recommended that students respond in the style of Aretha in the video below, while students but you can expect to see workplace debates between professionals that are similar and needed when protecting humanity from harm minus the pushing.Remaining polite does not mean that you do not raise your voice when the safety of earth is at stake. Raising your voice alerts security that a conversation is ocurring that they need to hear to help protect the planet.

 Robert Zubrin Mars Society uses cognitive attack words, and Andy Spry of Planetary Protections does not. Dr. Spry wins the debate. .Never forget the  Semmelweiss Example...use it when you need it in the future.

Go to lesson #3  when your done with lesson #2 to learn more.

Students: Strive to represent Alan Shepard's School of Pinkerton Academy well in society.

Learn to be excellent and courageous advocates and debaters. These skills will save lives for : 

                                                " Caution with microbes is essential to humanity's survival. "

Space/Science Careers Are Competitive- Don't do drugs, don't get drunk, stay polite, protect your privacy, don't post disturbing or embarrassing images or comments online..\

                                                                                                                              Humanity needs for you to stay good!

Definition of Terms: 

Memorize examples  in history where such bullying in science occurred  so that the solutions used then can be helpful to you now, if you encounter them in your career.

On Writing Scientific Safety  Letters To Planet Leaders and System Decisionmakers - The Shuttle/Garcia Example

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 Take this mini quiz with the Whiz video  Below: Then Go To

Lesson #3 It's a Shorter Lesson with Space Career Videos after your done with this page

Students: Do Not use these terms, ever: ​​

​"Irrational"  " "A bunch of quacks"

​"That's Statistical Insanity"

 The medical community's responsibility is to  expect funding to prevent disease "The Hippocratic Oath they take states:

" I will prevent disease wherever I can for prevention is preferable to cure" ​Look at the planetary protection debate  video below at 1: 26: 19 for this next point RE: "Would the Medical Community Spend A Billion Dollars To Save People from Planetary Infections? "Dr. Zubrin states they would not.Now Think:  Was the medical community asked this question? If so who was asked,  how many,  what is their medical specialty? Who do they work for?

  When you attend a debate like the one above,  between Dr. Zubrin and Dr. Spry: don't decide who won until you go back home and do your research! 


When you become a science professional, the world needs for you to develop the intellectual courage to tell the truth in a report  to a President and all who need to know it,  just like this Garcia Letter Dear Mr. President:  Match your  intellectual courage to america's first astronaut to prevent harm, when those more powerful than you are wrong in their decisions. Quote example about organizational intimidation:"When I ask for the budget to be cut, I'm told it's going to impact safety on the space shuttle.I think that's a bunch of (a word for excrement)"NASA Admin. Dan Goldin 1994. at JPL   (Remember, we in Derry are here for you to talk to long after graduation if you encounter these things at college, or in a job even after college graduation.. just come find us.. call Pinkerton let them know you need to talk to your former teachers and get some advice from those you know and trust.)

​                                                                              HISTORY FOR YOU TO  MEMORIZE AND USE WHEN ADVOCATING

After the loss of Christa, precautions were placed in the organization to prevent further shuttle losses and they worked, until those precautions were reversed.

Your knowledge right now even as students is important to the world, your value is immeasurable, you are our safety plan.  After you have your science degree and your in the profession for a few years, situations sometimes require for you to be as vocal as Aretha was in the video ABOVE. Minus the pushing.  When you encounter debates (while students) stay and listen to them even in hallways, or workplaces to sharpen your observation skills. Remember to analyze the words being said to decide who the aggressor is and who the protector is. Just because someone is speaking loudly like Aretha doesn't mean that person is the aggressor or  being belligerent, or inappropriate, or rude. Usually the Aretha approach is required after a planetary defender has tried possibly 6 -10 times to be polite and the politely said warnings and cautions  were ignored, especially if the audience of decision makers do not fact check or analyze to determine who is speaking the truth before making a decision. Study, study, study, look every little detail up always, and analyze.

Alan Shepard Project Reminder: We must follow planetary protections to prevent intentional society destruction - to prevent the use of  disease to gain control of countries. It is everyone's responsibility to make absolutely certain that bad history is not repeated to prevent harm to humanity. Look back in history to gain insights and to fact check. We as a planet must always honor and respect the Aggawam of Ipswich Ma. and remind society of the harm caused and precious lives and knowledge lost. Read here of writings from the 1600's where some celebrated the loss of a society so that they could claim the land. https://historicipswich.org/2017/09/01/the-great-dying/  Space scientists have advocacy responsibilities beyond the lab.

Enjoy the Skies for Miles and Miles. We Are One Family On This Earth.  

When you become a professional remember to ask artists to assist you in inspiring future generations to protect the planet and Humanity as Derry N.H.'s own Space Art Kids are learning now.


 ​Do not let anyone convince you to slander anyone, or lie about their mental status, you could lose your job!

When encountering a debate such as this, analzye it. Who is the instigator? On the surface in safety debates, in other environments  it may appear that the one waving and speaking loudly as Aretha did,  is belligerent, rude and inappropriate, but actually what you may be seeing is a planetary protector whose trying to prevent an epidemic. The instigator may be the one speaking more  calmly. Remember:  Look Everything up, every little thing,  analyze, follow the precautionary principle and THINK.