Timothy A. Gagnon KSC Artist


                              Reality, From the Mouths of Babes -

                    Thank you to all who support Human Spaceflight.

 NASA Space Exploration is  "Earth's Flashlight"  to a future of hope, freedom,

dreams, quality of life, and prevention of injuries, illnesses and diseases.

Every once in a while we come across a moment like this and are reminded

of our greater benefits and purposes. People share this same message 

with us at exhibits, in emails, at events., and so  we are including this  honest,

heartfelt  message here.              * See Video Below.

The NASA community contains many professions including Art, Music, Poetry,

Social Science, Sports Medicine, Nutritionists,  and so much more.

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                                    In Peace,     Alan Shepard Project

Beautiful Space Art in This Video

Astronaut Cady Coleman

Astronaut Leland Melvin

        Kennedy Space Center Mission Patch History  And Timothy A. Gagnon KSC Artist


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The Next Generation of Patch Artists

          ​Your My Flashlight Lyrics: 

When tomorrow comes, I'll be on my own,

​Feeling frightened of.....

the things I don't know......

​As the road is long, I look up to the sky...

And in the dark I found....

 I lost hope that I won't fly....

I got all I need when I got ​you....

And I look around me....

and I see a sweet ​life......

Space Artist Ridley Scott

Learn From NASA Astronauts

I'm stuck in the dark, but your my flashlight.... 

Your getting me, getting me thru the night......

Kick start my heart when you shine it in my eyes.....

Can't lie, it's a sweet life.... I'm stuck in the dark , but your myflashlight.... Your getting me, getting me thru the night....​ 

Cause your my flashlight.......