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Astronaut John Glenn later enteres space aboard the shuttle Discovery on Oct. 29,1998 at the age of  77 and lived on the Space Station where studies were conducted on astronaut glenn to further our understanding of aging.


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John Glenn's Dr. In Space Former Boston Physician Scott Parazynski remembers his crewmate.

Mercury 7 Astronaut Gordon "Gordo"  Cooper

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Feb. 20, 1962 9:47am John Glenn enters Frienshjip 7 capsule at Complex 14 to begin his historic flight. Image/Credit?NASA

Mercury 7 Astronaut Donald Kent " Deke"  Slayton

Astronaut Virgil "Gus" Grissom

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Astronaut Soctt Carpenter's Full Flight aboard Aurora 7

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Gemini VI Splashdown in Western 

Atlantic Recover Area 10:29 am EST

Dec. 6, 1965 a 25 hr. 52 min.

Space Mission. Astronaut Thomas Stafford was also aboard but is not in view with Astronaut Command Pilot Wally Schirra. They arrived aboard the carrier USS WASP. Also in image are two McDonnell Douglas Technicians who are assisting.

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Leaving Hangar S Altitude Chamber Jan. 1963

Enjoy the skies for miles and miles, we are one family on this earth.   Alan Shepard Project

Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Alan Shepard, Deke Slayton

Memories of Apollo Engineers

Hometown Tributes:

Hometown Tributes

Readying for an altitude test of the Apollo  Command Module in  KSC's Manned Spacecraft  Operations Building  Altitude Chamber  Image/Credit/NASA

 Hangar S Crew Quarters with  Al Rochford prior to his Mercury - Atlas 7 Flight  Image/redit/NASA

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Mercury 7 Astronaut John Glenn

Mercury 7 Astronaut Walter "Wally" Martin  Schirra Jr.

A Tribute to Mercury 7 Astronauts

Astronaut Gordon Cooper's Faith 7 Prayer: 

​" I would like to take this time to say

​a little prayer for all the people, including

myself, involved in this launch and this

​operation. Father, thank You for the success

we have had flying this flight. Thank You 

for the privilege of being able to be in 

​this position, to be up in this wondrous

place seeing this many startling,wondrous

​things that You've created. Help guide

and direct all of us that we may shape

our lives to be good. That we may be much

​better Christians, learn to help one another,

to work with one another, rather than to 

fight. Help us to complete this mission

​successfully. Help us in our future space

​endeavors that we may show the world that

​a democracy really can compete, and still

​are able to do things in a big way, are able to

do research and development, and  can conduct  ​various scientific, very technical programs ​in a completely peaceful environment. Be with all our families. Give them guidance and 

​encouragement, and let them know that         everything will be Okay.  We ask in Thy name.​                                                            Amen.

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Mercury Seven

Mercury 7 AstronautScott Carpenter

Internet Bios:

Internet Bios:

Hometown Tributes:

Astronauts share their memories in their own words.

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Astronaut Vurgul I""Gus" Grissom and 

Astronaut  John W. Young  in the spacecraft simulator at the Mcdonnel plant in St. Louis Missouri

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