" I would like to humanize the space age by giving the persective from a non- astronaut because I think the students will say, "this is an ordinary person, this ordinary person is contributing to history " and if they can make that connection, then they are going to get excited about history, they are going to get excited about the future, and they are going to get excited about space."                   Astronaut and much loved N.H. teacher, Christa McAuliffe                                                                                                      

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Thank you Astronaut/Teacher Christa Mcauliffe, your lessons benefit future generations and society.

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​                                                                        Why do experiments in Space?

It was important to Christa that  students love science because science helps people. Experiments, done in space, help to find cures for diseases. This video shows how everyone feels when they learn that kids can go home from hospitals. Click this link to learn about experiments on the Space Station that help dr.'s, nurses, scientists, and healthcare teams.

                                                                          Space StationMedicalExperiments

                                 What happens when Space Medicine brings new treatments and solutions to Healthcare. 

In honor of Christa's goals to humanize science: Enjoy this video below from N.H. Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital.

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