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What Does Space Really Look Like?

Pinkerton Students Ask Your Teachers to Find a local  Astrophotography  Mentor For You, or send us a note at : and we will try to find one  for you or a group of you, close to Derry.

Why Is Space BLack?

NASA - A FLood Of Cosmic Light!

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Einstein - Cosmic Speed Limit

Educational Videos

1950-1960 Record Singing Science Lesson "Why Are Stars Different Colors? " by Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans

Remember that this place exists and visit it,

They may be able to help you in the future with space imaging color choices:The Pigment Collection- Harvard

Beautiful Images with Educational Narrative


WOW, Studying our starp The Sun and Brightness of Light

NASA Origin Of Cosmic Rays

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Compares Mars images Filtered and Not Filtered. 

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Enjoy the skies for miles and miles. We are one family on this Earth.   Alan Shepard Project

If Your Think About Color In Space- Learn Astrophotograhy!


    What Are Redshift and Blueshift?

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