This is Fantastic.. I see it, ....just like Gordo said...- I have to do this for my friend Gordo....!

Thank you Astronaut Gordon Cooper, his team, and to all who explore to benefit society.

​                 "We are one family on this one beautiful fragile blue marble.... some

                     great goals for society just take a few generations to accomplish."


It's a magical feeling to climb towards the heavens, seeing people and objects on the ground grow smaller, and more insignificant. You have left the world beneath you. You are inside the sky"                                                                                                                          Mercury 7 Astronaut Gordon Cooper.

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                        1960 - The Coasters

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​Astronaut Gordon Cooper and Mercury 9 Spacecraft​

Recovered from Sea by USS Kearsarge May 16th 1963

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What it feels like when you prove that your  guesses about discoveries 

 (that are good for society,) are true!

Thank you Gordo, for the map!