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- A Quest for Strange New Worlds -               NASA LECTURE

The Fifth Dimension designed lyrics that described the Space Exploration Dreams of the people during the Mercury and Apollo era.

                                                  "Peace Will Guide The Planets, and Love WIll Steer The Stars."

Exoplanet Travel Bureau

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NASA The Space We Travel Through

NASA Needs You!

        Learning Activities that gravity challenges- with supervision, will help you as an explorer. Here are a few suggestions:

      Dance, Acrobatics, Golf, Scuba Diving, Trampoline, Sailing,Skydiving, Juggling, Walking on Stilts, Mountain Climbing in Snow.


Exoplanets and the search for habitable worlds.

Enjoy the skies for miles and miles, We are one family on this earth.

       Alan Shepard Project


Laura Kreidberg -Harvard Smithsonian

Exoplanet Atmosphere Characterization

Presennt and Fture

Exo-Planets- Crash Course

  1. Watch Live Spacewalk!

Ian Crossfield - SETI 

Kepler/K2 Results

Most Extreme Exoplanets


Lecture Series


You could... if you ever wanted to.. try to write a song, or provide space facts to musicians and ask that they compose it to share with the world.... maybe about... exoplanets and your dreams for peace  love and kindness to benefit humanity.

Educational VIdeos

Story About The First Exoplanet Discovered


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Astronaut Charlie Duke's Lesson -RE: Goofing Around On The Moon,  Practice Prevention While Discovering During Curious Moments.

Deep Purple 1972 Yeah Yeah Yeah Space Truckin