Science is an amazing profession to be in. Positive environments for study are everywhere. Although We would like to focus only on the positive environments, doing so, would not fully prepare you to become excellent science specialists. In the first video, at the top of this page, Alan Shepard speaks repeatedly about the importance of being prepared for all possible situations. Out of respect for his insight on this, we are submitting this data to you, so that you may be best prepared for obstacles that you may hopefully never face in the profession. If you do, the information is here to help you prepare an excellent and effective ethical and honest response.

The most important lesson on this page for new students and new science professionals is this:

Never agree to lie about anyone's mental status, no matter to who asks for you to do it.

​​​ Research reveals that Alan Shepard was opposed to slander and firmly believed in an individual's right to privacyHis past relatives, Abigail and John Adams experienced consequences of false statements on their families and our nation saw the impact those lies had on our country's people. This page an archive for you to reference and use  in science environments. It includes issues that you will need to make decisions about. Decisions on right and wrong are a constant part of science. There is always the possibility for corrupt people to be in any profession. Bullies in Science and politics try to use some of the same methods that were used long ago, but they fail, if they try it on highly skilled ethical  professionals who already know what to do. This project's goal is to help you become highly skilled early, by giving you some tools so that you have more time to practice how to protect your science studies, and teams from mistruths and unkindness, so that you can save lives.  Practicing how to respond means that you will excel when the time comes to protect your colleagues, and scientific findings or society principles from organized lies and slanders so that you can continue to benefit humanity. The founding fathers and Abigail in particular, documented what unkindnesses they faced, and how they responded. What worked and what didn't. They left those documents for us to use if we needed to, here are some links. 

​​If you intend to go into science fields, we recommend a visit toAdams National Park

Here is a link to acess some of the Adams Papers:Massachusetts Historical Society

    Professional Safety Lessons

Alan Shepard was related to John Hancock, signer of the Declaration of Independence:Famous Kin John Hancock

 Alan Shepard's Family History Of Advocating for The Health and Safety of Populations

               What you need to know: Read it all and view the Adams Papers Links:

Seven Important Examples : Article:

Always Tell The Truth

Example in History where Scientists faced these hardships so that you have these tools to use if you need them.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Alan Shepard was related to John Quincy Adams 6th President of the United States:  

Famous Kin JohnQuincyAdams

Click on all of these Alan Shepard Family Links and read the Adams Papers from time to time

Videos on How to Argue Ethically In Science

​           ​​ArticleGalileo Jailed

Alan Shepard was also related to Samuel Adams Signer of the Declaration of Independence:

  Famous Kin Sam Adams

On Navigating The Profession:

​​​A good science professional, is thoughtful to nice people, but also, does not allow their colleagues to be treated unkindly if they are facing a bully or an organized team of bullies in the profession

When in the public, you may be invited to join science teams... be smart.  If you hear business plans for living on Mars or other planets, and those future plans recommend that it is cheaper, better,and fasterto bypass NASA survival planning teams and not include NASA  or  ISS Astronauts in those plans  - That corporations can train their own, and do it better.... Don't be so quick to sign up ....do more research. Ask yourself this question: How much do they know about survival plans for people in off planet environments.. what is missing in their survival plans?.. Did they show their plans to NASAto ask?

​               Is it wise to eliminate  astronauts and planning teams who have  successfully survived and lived off planet for along time now?

Machine plans are not the same a people plans. Arriving on Mars with no ride back for 1.5 yrs isno time to find outthat the plans were missing enough food, water, and habitat supplies. Students are asked to be on teams. Choose your teams welland always remember toask NASAyourself or return to yourhigh school teachers for advice when you are invited to participate in new environments if you need to. It's all about being a team, together as a world.



 When people become bullies, they may not always understand the degree of harm they may cause, or to how many, but only focus on why they want to do it.. One reason may be that they do not want anyone to know that they do not understand what you are saying. Recognize though that : This is a pattern that has happened in society for centuries. (See examples in the video  bar to the right at the top- the  tan bar)​​

​Realize also that : these people may be bullies who do not believe what they are saying but who have chosen themselves to say the insults, or been hired or asked to say these things to discredit the scientist, or you,  especially if money is being requested to fund research. The bullies may want the money for themselves or whoever hired them. Lying about someone's mental status is a dangerous thing to do to anyone. It is severe abuse and a crime.

These are some of the phrases bullies in politics and science may use: 

""There is no connection." "Your imagining things, crazy, delusional, paranoid, and not qualified to be there."
"Your not supposed to see that, I can't see that,  I don't see how that relates, or attack the mental status of a person from science... with words such as: Paranoid, delusional, mentally ill, psychotic, "your out of touch with reality," "that's Irrational"  That makes no sense " "Your or they're all a bunch of quacks." "crazy" "Insane" and more... 


"If People Died Because You Lied, Its Too Late To Apologize".

                      Pinkerton Academy Students: Make Alan Shepard's Hometown Region Proud. Do not insult anyone.

Be Respectful When Making Points. Back up Conclusions with Factual Data.  Follow "Better Safe Than Sorry" To  Protect Humanity.. .

And maintain every single day,  the humaness that you were born with to enhance observation, curiosity, innovation, speed of response and happiness.

At times, excellent explorers and researchers have not had  instincts seen in this video  trained out of them so that their speed of response and emotional

health would be maximized. When you feel that, the weight of awareness, of the world's issues, is on your shoulders, watch something like this so that you can stay connected to these skills that will help you to stand tall and courageous when meeting responsibilities in as emotionally healthy a way as possible. It's the Humanness that succeeds on issues of peace, and prevention to protect humanity's safety and  happiness. Enjoy a few moments of happy. Before you 

Watch The Entire Video There Is A Shift In Thinking...


Even Space Science Has it's Bad Eggs:

Research Who You Will Be Working                               For

Make Certain They Do Not Do This:

Read Under "Vote Of No Confidence" Hired Psych Dr. To Lie. about Mental Status of Board Members.

​             Too Late to Apologize.

1.8 million taken from the school.

​Dear Mr. President: an Example for students on finding the courage to tell the truth.

Stunning                 CAIB comments

KNUEDGE: Research names of companies  to avoid  work environments that contains cognitive attackers.

Let's see if we can explain this another way,  using a well known  math equation.

​If people  argue with you that 2 is the only solution, to l + l they may not see how any other solution is possible.

Options to this configuration (   l + l  ) below may show up for you  like a pop up page after science training.

​​Don't wait, People's lives could depend on your quick action.

                               It's about  "Us " "All " and  " WE " not   " I "  -  We Explore Space To Benefit Humanity.


Allura l  = Arizona l = Amatic l etc.

Here is a video example of how to balance daily info. to stay emotionally healthy so that you can be most effective to protect the all things that are good in the universe.Pay close attention to the instinctive speed of your human response.. this stuff is what you must never lose, but strive to enhance as excellent and caring space scientists.

As a New Student - Only Join  Space Teams That Consult With NASA To Ensure Planetary Protections

Music video to browse the page will last and hour.Place Video volume on low  while browsing page.

The video "Dear Future Generations I'm Sorry" below, on the left, has a List of world problems that society needs  solved to help humanity - for your awareness..   Some solutions begin at 3:44 sec. The 7 Generation video to the right of that is very important for you to learn.

"This is our only home." 3.44 sec, solutions begin.


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Welcome to the Graduating Senior's Page -Info. for students pursuing science careers.

        Congratulations! Your Graduating This Year! Here's What You Need To Know:

"if it is said that women are not qualified to be on scientific teams," use these videos when helpful  to advocate: 

On Adjusting To Knowing More


   Do not let anyone convince you to slander anyone, or lie about their mental status, you could lose your job!


When you encounter such bullying, notify securityin that location and ask that they protect the scientists.. inform the scientist or team facing such bullying that they can file charges against the bullies who are lying about their mental status and make certain that the people who need the truth get itso that the problems that needed fixing get fixed.

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"An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."

            In this instance 1 =  l and some may argue that it does not.

What matters is how the data is intended to be used. What meanings are attached to the symbols.

Video Lesson : Alan Shepard In His Own Words

l + l  = 2    

You will be taught to see , l + l and you will learn to discover how many ways (l) can be used.

Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr. was related to Abigail Adams, the First Lady of the 2nd President of the United States John Adams from 1797 - 1801

Famous Kin Abigail Adams


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Many kind people who are overwhelmed when they hear many options that you and your colleagues present recognize

that it is because that you were taught to see all of this at once as a part of your education. 


If people state that they are overwhelmed with all of the options that you are presenting to them, that your making stuff up, claim they do not see the connections, and become unkind, do not respond unkindly. 

GIve them a chance. They may really not initially see how ( l ) can connect to a font or colors  or shapes to become other things. If you give them the equation l + l = 2 they may not see anything else unless you thoughtfully  show them. 

              If after you show them that, they question your mental status call security. 


​​Combining Ideas and Advocacy In Science Using History, and The Practice Of Prevention.

         Analyze the situation

Memorize This:

​​Humanity needs scientists to be able to think fast, well and effectively to protect the future of our species. So if you encounter this unkindness what might it look like? What is a useful response?

Do some research and learn more

about the Jefferson - Adams Example 

l + l = 2

                    Seniors, Enjoy reviewing the data on this  page to prepare for college and the future.

This page info. is an introduction  to topics that are important for you to learn about and think about over time. These videos explain how science studies are needed to benefit humanity. This next section below is another way to understand what Alan Shepard discussed in the video above. Scroll below that section, to view the very interesting lessons  on Alan Shepard's family history of helping society and the obstacles they faced.

GO TO :Lesson #2

 A stern tone is acceptable 

               stay polite.

Cigarettes are not Addictive- An

Organized Group Lie Example:

If you do studies in the future proving that a product is harmful, this video below will help you to prepare to debate pre-planned organized mistruths, so that you can help to save lives.

It's all in how facts and/ or factors are configured.

​​​​​​           On Leadership:

Learning in the region of America's first astronaut gives you an opportunity to become an ethical, honest, kind, and courageous role model for the profession and for society.

Jefferson wanted slavery to continue. He hired James Callender to lie to the public about the mental status of Adams who wanted slavery to end. Enough of the public believed Callender's many lies. Jefferson won the election and slavery continued.  Approx. 100yrs later Lincoln and an entire population of people  lost their lives to stop those crimes against humanity. Jefferson apologized to Adams for telling those lies but only after there was no further risk to his career. 

                                                                          Shortcuts Are Not Always the Safest Option

How to decide what science teams to join? Join teams that consult with  NASA on Any Space Exploration Planning.

They are experts with formulas that include many branches of ethical decisionmaking and prevention of failure algorithms.

​​​​​​​While you learn science at higher levels of education, a shift may occur within your social circle.

Developing many options for one thing, will be taught to you to provide ways of solving problems rapidly. (especially if you will be entering into areas of extreme conditions.) As these skills become almost instinctive, life may become easier for you. Effective solutions to everyday glitches will come to you quickly while others around you who have not had this training may struggle more. When you want to offer solutions to those who are struggling, they may not see why your solutions could work because they did not have the training that you have had.  There is the issue. ​

 When you are trying to communicate with people who only see facts and solutions one way, be kind and keep in mind, that they may  not have learned to see or search for multiple combinations of facts and options.  Although solutions maybe  easy for you to see with your training, they may not always be easy to do, unless you have a team that sees facts quickly in more than a one way, who care enough to ease the suffering of those around them for the right reasons.

(As Alan Shepard Explained on the Pinkerton 2019 page)

Remember to ask Native Americans

for advice on space policy and issues.

They are our country's first astronomers, and are experts on the practice of prevention.

We have tribes with elders in New  England.

click this link:          NASA Office of Planetary Protections

​​l + l can be combined to equal the following :  



                                                                                   - -

                                                                                ___    (Two bars attached this way can make a platform.)

                                                                                  __l    (Cannot make the two attach with this keyboard)

                                                                                   L     ( There is an option to show the example. You just have to look for it

                                                                                        (see cufflink example on Pinkerton 2019 page)

                                                                                    l      (One attached to the other to make a long pole.)

                                                                And much more : 

Font Variations:      Technically you could say Open Sans l + Ariel l = 2                          or more.

                                                                               Arizona l + Kaushin Script l = ​2

Open Sans:   l

Allura : l 

Amatic sc: L

Ariel: l  

Arizona: l

Kaushin Script : l

Try the whole font list : 

                        So technically: l + l = multiple options

                                         It's about Observation

Each and every one of these combinations for l + l is taught  in grammar school. The fonts are avail. for all to use and see once they learn to use computers. People are not always taught that there are connections between all of the subjects that we learn. They don't see  ways to combine objects of facts into multiple options rapidly as you will be taught - if you advance further in science. That's the difference. You will be able to see all of these options right away sometimes, when someone shows you 1 + 1 = 2   on issues in society, too. Not just science and math equations.