Finger Family educational videos are perfect for younger kids!

Free Online Games for Kids:

One of the many goals for this project is to educate and inspire generations to love science. NASA's website provides a variety of games, activities, and videos for children and educators. Check out their website to see how learning can be tons of fun! 

Inspiring The Future - Ready Jet Go!

There are many other organizations that encourage learning, exploring, and fun for all ages. 

Educational Videos for Kids:

Sesame Street Episode: Cookie Monster Thinks the Moon is a Cookie featuring Buzz Aldrin

Special thanks to Peyton for providing a link to an awesome astronomy page! Click the link below and continue to be inspired.

The Kids Learning Tube YouTube page has a lot of fun educational videos! Here are a few about space.

Children's RC flying lessons are available a few days a week. Contact the Flying Tigers to learn more.