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Free Online Games for Kids:

One of the many goals for this project is to educate and inspire generations to love science. NASA's website provides a variety of games, activities, and videos for children and educators. Check out their website to see how learning can be tons of fun! 

There are many other organizations that encourage learning, exploring, and fun for all ages. 

Educational Videos for Kids:

Sesame Street Episode: Cookie Monster Thinks the Moon is a Cookie featuring Buzz Aldrin

Special thanks to Peyton for providing a link to a great astronomy page!

Click this and continue to be inspired. Home Science: Backyard Astronomy

  1. ​​​​​The Kids Learning Tube YouTube page has a lot of fun educational videos! Here are a few about space.

Children's RC flying lessons are available a few days a week. Contact the Flying Tigers to learn more.

Special Thanks to Liam for suggesting this very helpful link for everyone to help NASA!

 Cool Apps, Tools, and Tech for Stargazing

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Inspiring The Future - Ready Jet Go!

Finger Family educational videos are perfect for younger kids!