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                     A Hug                      

A simple act, that is silent and yet priceless, ....

That expresses and shares the finest of human emotions

between two people.

It’s meaning changes to fit the circumstances in which it is shared,

For it can mean many things... 

It can express both quiet emotions,...

or elicit great passion.
In times of sorrow, it says I am sorry and would share your pain.
In times of joy, it says I am happy for you.
In times of loneliness, it says I like to be with you, or I need you.
In times of illness, it says I hope that you heal.
After a long separation, it says it is good to be with you again.
But regardless of the circumstances,

it always says I care about you,

I trust you. Your nearness comforts me.

I want to be a part of your life. I am here for you, and

it may also say many other things as well.

A hug is a gift from God that helps us to share those emotions

that are difficult to express in words.

Consider yourself hugged.

~Written by N.H. Resident John Juliano

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