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Next KARS Launch

July 20th at 1pm-3:30pm!!!

​NEW!!!!Learn about Rocks !!!! From  Local Physicist Julia Bodnarick June 22nd at 11am -Nature Discovery Center Warner N.H. - website info: WWW.NDCNH.ORG

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A Tribute to Hidden Figures

NASA Escaping Earth's Gravity

Astronaut Cady Coleman on ISS

Pushing Yourself With One Hair Strand

Gravity + Momentum Make Space Discs


Gravity Plus Momentum = Spectacular!


Gravity From Newton To Einstein

Do more research! Here are a few links, look up more videos and articles on  these historic NASA professionals,  it's worth it!

Gravity / Space Time Example

Learn Gravity At A Human Level - Take Dance, Gymnastics, Juggling .. Snowboarding, Skiing, Mountain Climbing, Para,Sailing, Sailing, Flying, Visit Skyventure... etc. Explore using gravity in a variety of ways.

Artificial Gravity - Astronaut Jeff Williams

There was no protocol for us to circle the earth until they figured it out as a team.

3 Hour Video of First Moonwalk

A Lesson From Feynman In His Own Words

How Mass and Gravity Work In Space

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10 HRS Space Footage

Frogs In Space




Moonwalk Challenges with Gravity