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   Very Old Footage

​​    If you make a discovery that must be revealed, for the sake of humanity, and people     unkindly dispute it, in some of these ways how else may  you effectively respond.


Landing On The Lawn

Develop Your Debating Skills. Do Extensive Research, Remember History

Analyze Well. 

Remain Ethical in your presentations to protect society and to benefit science.

​​Alan Shepard And Derry N.H.-History

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Footage by Alan Shepard Project  Using and ISS App. Musician: Leo Lindsey'Keikilani Lindsey from Mele Uhane of Hawaii

Do's and Don'ts For Science Professionals During  Debates:

​​Helpful Videos To Launch Space Careers!

Remember to use the Semmelweis Example  below if you need to explain to new security officers why lies about a scientists mental status can be considered a death threat. Experienced officers will not need the explanation and will respond rapidly if they are were trained well.

On Bullying -Be The Team That Sets A Great Example:

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Stay Balanced, Remember To HAVE FUN!

Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr. attended Pinkerton Academy and later became a trustee.

"Let us never forget... to speak the truth

even when we have to pay the price."

"Truth can be denied, but not avoided"

(Quote from video at top of page)

 A difficult, but very true point to know:

      We believe in you!

Have the courage to tell the truth, and advocate for your colleagues, lives could depend on it. Truth, and/or urgently needed ethical theory, advances society to a safer and healthier future.Science has it's serious moments, but stay positive. Focus on being a thoughtful team. Balance the weight of responsibilities with the enjoyment of discovery and exploration. Stay happy to protect your innovation. Stay curious.  All have a basic human  right to a positive life in science  and in society! You are society's protectors of humanity's future.               

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 Lesson #3

The Semmelweiss Example: Always Tell The Truth


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Words of Wisdom on Space Exploration Benefits:

The Semmelweis example is one  many use to advocate. False accusations about Semmelweis' mental status cost him his life and possibly the lives of more people he could have helped with future discoveries.   If his colleagues had defended him  he may have  lived to save more lives. A whole world can suffer from the loss of innovators in the scientific community and society. It's important  to stop bullying in schools science professions and society.  Be an excellent advocate. Future generations will appreciate you.

For Graduating Seniors: LESSON #3

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