Celebrate and share your love of painting the skies!

  Enjoy this music video while browsing the worlds these creative art students have shared with us!  

Space Artist R.M

Space Art Lessons provide the students with opportunities to begin to learn detailed observational

skills that are helpful when  analyzing images of space, planet terrains and hubble deep space fields.

Space Artist A.P. Age 8

Beautiful Planet

Space Artist I.M.

Rocket Around the Sun

Space Artist A.M.

Shuttle Exploring the Universe

J.R. Age 11

Astronaut on a Spacewalk


Adventures Are Ahead!

Exo-Planet Resources:

Space Artist A.L.  Age 11

J.R. Age 11

Saturn and it's Moons

Try It It's Fun!

Space Artist G.O.  Age 7

We are proud of these talented students! Here are some links to browse when looking for images to paint. Enjoy the Skies for Miles and Miles!

Painting by J.R. Age 11

                 Welcome to the Children's Space Art Page!

I found I have to stay painting....

I feel there's too many paintings left unpainted that I just don't want to take the time away"

     Apollo 12/Skylab 3 Astronaut and Space Artist Alan Bean.

                                     The Space Art Kids Are Here!




                                                                           See their spectacular Paintings in this video!


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