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"If good goals for society, are taking too long to accomplish while in the world of firsts, immediately remove unkind influences from your environment so that you are fully free to problem solve and recognize that education and training is sometimes designed to  turn off,  specific instincts that may be of use to you for this particular goal. One solution is to seek out the curious, innovative, and positive from all ages, multiple cultures, the wealthy and the disadvantaged. Learning from kind people who know about the topic because they live in it every day, no matter where they live - works.  Most importantly watch children while they discover their environments. They are not afraid to ask questions or show immediate joy at accomplishments, and can sometimes see what we miss. These skills are still intact inside of Musicians and Children. They are observational experts at a level of instinct that many adults once were. Include them in your environments to  remind those sleeping instincts to surface, to help you find your way to benefit society..

                                            "Musicians can remind you to have fun with the smallest and longest complexities of details."

                                       "Remember to sit on a rock by the sea, put your feet in the water, breathe in the ocean air and think. "

                                                                                                         Anonymous, Space Medicine, Boston 1980's

"Have You Ever Seen The Rain?"

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