Hawaii has supported NASA for decades. 

Enjoy These Images of Astronaut Geo-Training

on  Lava sites, in past years and in prep for Mars.


Mars Practice Dome/Hawaii


Mele'uhane's  with "DO YOU"

Alan Shepard Project's with Hanalei

The Hawaiian Dome Space Experiment

Mele'uhane with Hanalei

In Honor Of Ellison Onizuka

The Alan Shepard Project, in collaboration with Mele'uhane, will be producing a series of space exploration videos using their beautiful music. They have been added to our Human Energy Page for they clearly have an ability to promote peace and a love of humanity with their lyrics and serene and uplifting sounds of inspiration. We will be showcasing how versatile their song list is, by showing viewers various versions of  videos that use their music. 

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Alan Shepard Project's  with "DO YOU"

With Excitement, The Alan Shepard Project Introduces: Mele'uhane to our viewers!

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The next generation explores while your with us from above.

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Astronaut Alan Shepard And Friends