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One of the best perks of an MKIM membership is the 10% discount you get at our Dream Catcher Gift Shop! We have beautiful jewlery, crafts, and so much more! We also have an online shop you can visit if you can't make it up the mountain to the store. With new items added all the time, you're sure to find a great and unique gift at the MKIM

Dream Catcher Gift Shop!
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Twilight Tasting at MKIM
with Chambers of Commerce
Sept. 26, 20019  5:30-8pm
18 Highlawn Rd, Warner N.H.

Kearsarge Chamber of Commerce
Twilight Tasting Flyer

Harvest Moon Naturefest 

Raise the Roof Project 

We need help protecting your collection. Yes, MKIM's collection is your collection too. If it was just our collection, we'd be the only ones looking at it. We believe these artifacts are everyone's to enjoy and learn about the world through, we're just the protectors of this irreplaceable fount of knowledge. And right now, its protection is in jeopardy and we need your help to ensure we keep it safe for generations to come. 
To begin the 'Raising the Roof Project', we must replace the roof of the museum after almost thirty years of excellent service. The new roof will cost about $30,000. In addition to the extensive rust, leaking vents,  rain damage on parts of the ceiling and the external walls. MKIM is committed to our mission to preserve those treasures that are entrusted to our care, but we cannot do it without you. Please consider becoming one of the financial strands of the braid by donating whatever you can to the 'Raise the Roof Project'. 

Last week Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum was approached by one of our longtime members.  They offered to donate a dollar for every dollar that is given to the 'Raise the Roof'  project up to our initial goal of $30,000.  In mathematical terms, if you donate $50 the fund receives $100 if you donate $100 the project gets $200 if you donate $1,000 ~ well, you get the idea. Your generosity which has always been key to the success of our mission now makes your support twice as valuable. This means we will not only be able to replace the roof but all of the associated damage the years have caused.  

Please share this campaign on all the social media platforms you use. If you are not on social media sites please, email your friends the link, as it will take them directly to the GoFundMe page, The more we tell the story the greater are our chances of reaching our goal because you are part of our team. 

Visit our GoFundMe page here. 
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Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum 
18 Highlawn Rd Warner N.H. 
Sept. 22 2019 10am-4pm

Harvest Moon Flyer

Twilight Tasting with MKIM

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