Effervescense in Space

Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

Enjoy the skies for miles and miles. We are one family on this Earth.

Astronaut Christa McAuliffe

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Christa Having Fun!

Christa's Lost Lessons

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Liquids in Microgravity

Many Native Americans live in the state of N.H. We value their guidance when exploring the skies and appreciate their knowledge of planetary science. 

Christa's Space Training Footage

N.H. Space Dr. and Hypobaric Treatments

Neuro Lab

Christa McAuliffe Space Camp Centers

Concord N.H.: McAuliffe Shepard Discovery Center: www.starhop.com

Christa McAuliffe Space Center Framingham


​Christa McAuliffe Space Center Utah:


Still incomplete and under construction Please enjoy what we have so far.

To Those That Dream I Sing This Song: Joanne Shenandoah (A Dream of Peace)

Internet Bios: NASA BIO

Chromatography and Lessons Background

Celebrate Christa's achievements and with us. Turn her dreams for students into a reality. Visit The Alan Shepard Project

Christa McAuliffie Page for Kids and share with all in her honor!


Astronaut Jay C. Buckey  NASA BIO:

Internet Bios:

Internet Bios:

STS 90 Post Flight Data

Celebrate with the world, Christa's Space Lessons Are Here!

Christa's ISS Lessons

Internet Bios:

Theresa Bear Fox's "Sky World" sung by Teio Swathe"

"If your heart is hurting for your loved ones who have gone to the other side, be encouraged that you will see them again.

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Beautiful melody and views of New Hampshire

Magnetism In Space

Astronaut Lee Morin

Astronaut Richard M. Linnehan

Present Possibilities, and Future Dreams

  Learn from N.H. Astronauts in their own words. Scroll down to find each N.H. Astronaut Section. Astronauts included in this lecture series are as follows: 

Christa McAuliffe,  Jay Buckey, Richard Searfoss, Richard M.  Linehan, Lee Morin and N.H. Native American contributions to sky studies are included.

We wholeheartedly appreciate all of them and for their determination to benefit humanity.

Welcome to The New Hampshire Astronaut Lecture Series

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Richard A. Searfoss

Native Americans are our country's first Astronomers and their achievements that benefit humanity are immeasurable.

We explore on the shoulders of their knowledge.

It is only right that they are recognized on this page to celebrate N.H. contributions to sky studies. Native American's are excellent advisors on issues surrounding exploration, survival skills, planetary protections and peace. Sections of the United States Constitution were designed using Native American governance as models.​We encourage all to explore their cultural history and contributions to space science exploration, the health of the earth and our eco-system.Learn from this video of N.H. ​Abanaki Lessons that discuss the risk of spreading disease while exploring for purposes ofpeace to assist in preparing for our visit to the Moon and Mars. New Hampshire Abanaki History: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI0HaygXEII

​ Visit the Native American Pages on our website:  https://www.alanshepardproject.org/native-american-astronomy.html

MKIM is New Hampshire's Native American Learning Center where story tellers share star stories and tribal  astronomy achievements https://www.indianmuseum.org/

In the spirit of prevention of harm, learn more about the NASA Office of Planetary Protections: https://planetaryprotection.nasa.gov/about

Leroy Little Bear Reminds us to  add in ways of thinking that were taken out: Below                                  Learn from An Abanaki Exploration Guidance Story VIdeo Below