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Parents of the region expressed an interest in attempting to provide a community team like atmosphere among the children and families who participate in space education activities in the area. We hope that this gallery assists them in showing their children that there are numerous kids just like them all over the world.They may be able to recognize each other at future events, feel more comfortable, participate more and ask more questions to excel their learning in a happy environment.

Thank you for sharing your love of the skies with the community.   Enjoy the skies for Miles and Miles!

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield Singing from ISS

Astronaut Song For Kids

Photos of your children to print and frame.. to give as gifts for parents, grandparents friends, and loved ones along with video clips to add to your albums so that children and families can be proud of their accomplishments.

"Astronaut Chris Hadfield Singing from

the International Space Station

"Here Comes Home, I Can Hear Your Voices Bouncing Off the Moon!""Sun Rises 16 Times A Day"

"15 Nations Orbiting Together Here"

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Singing in Space

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