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Thank you Bob for showing the world what is beyond the colors of the wind.

Image/ credit Bob McCall/NASA

"It was wonderful to really see this emblem that I designed on the moon in real time from mission control "                                                                                                                                                  Space Artist Robert McCall

Bob had the amazing ability to show us the engine that lights up the stars in a visual form that all ages could understand. Watch the

Symphony of Science video to gain a greater vision of what it may have been like for him to analyze an environment that he had never visited. 

                                                   Bob McCall's  beautiful Paintings will continue to inspire generations well beyond our future.

Honoring Legendary Space Artist Robert McCall

Image Credit Bob McCall/NASA









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Image/Credit Bob McCall/NASA

Image/Credit/Bob McCall/NASA

Thank you Bob, so very much. Your beautiful paintings inspire future generations, to reach for the stars.