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                                                                Welcome to the Robotics Page!

Those interested in developing experiments of any area of science, on and off planet,  will benefit greatly from taking a few robotics and rocketry courses. Advanced technologies that can be used in present day, do not always filter into the mainstream for sometimes 20-30 yrs. Keeping contacts with innovators, gives scientists and creators access to the most up to date possibilities even before the info is released to the general public, which will assist in the advancement of science and new discoveries to benefit society. Enjoy these videos of robotics history and access to organizations, societies and companies that may assist you in your goals.                                        kind regards : The Alan Shepard Project.

​Concord  Robotics- N.H.

Impressive Skills!


2017 District Event​

An example of Shepard's innovation with gadgets.

Enjoy this video of Pinkerton Academy students competing at the New Year Vex EDR in the zone tournament. Go Astros!

Pinkerton Academy Astro's

Robotics Competition 2010

New Generation Super Bots

                An Explorer's Beginning:

" Of course, in our grade school, in those days, there were no organized sports at all. We just went out and ran around the school yard for recess."                            Alan Shepard

N.H. Robotic Coding Competition

First American in Space


The Lunar Dune Buggy Story

Development of Robotics

Robot Driving Practice 

Astronaut Alan Shepard's home town  and region of Derry, N.H. continues to excel in encouraging high levels of  Innovation and creativity in their students.

Pinkerton Academy Vex Team

"I can hit it farther on the Moon, but actually my swing is better here on Earth."      Astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr.

                    With Shepard.....

                It's about the team:

   "There's more of a sense of the grand achievement by all of the people who could put this man on the moon."         Alan Shepard

This video honors rover tech teams

   Alan Shepard attended Pinkerton Academy and later became a trustee


History Channel

The Moon Club Story

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