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Pinkerton Academy Space Students and everyone interested: Practice your abacus lessons! Start on the left then learn from the column on the right. Consider asking for an abacus as a gift.  The style with two beads on the top deck and four beads on the lower deck is best to prepare for learning other equations in the future.  Use videos to advance your skills. Possibly ask for an abacus club to form at school to advance your abilities.


We still are trying to solve space science theories of past thinkers who used an abacus, and will be searching for life on Exo-planets.  It will be easier to understand writings that are centuries old to help with solving modern questions, if you understad the methods and language of the times. Abacus skills speed up abilities to memorize multiple algorithms and to switch off segments of algorithms and plug them into other strings then rapidly analyze the effect of the segment position change. Even if you develop a beginner understanding of the abacus!​ You do not have to become an expert. Any amount of skills you obtain from an abacus will help you to problem solve.

 *remember, NASA needed old math methods to problem solve at times...during Mercury and Apollo missions..... Practice, Practice, Practice..... It's Fun! ---- Try to understand String Theory over Years.                                                           Everything connects!


Thank you Stephen Hawking.

We hope that you now have found the answers to the questions of the universe and thank you for your world contributions to science. 

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   and Einstein- connection to Astronaut Alan Shepard's

   Home town of Derry, N.H.

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​Explore our Universe and String Theory            ​  


Click on these videos for more string Theory.

Click on these videos to learn about String Theory!